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About Taylor

Hi, I'm Taylor Surette! 

I've been a photography enthusiast for years of my life, and enjoyed it as a hobby for a while, but I realized that I wanted to turn this into a profession, and be able to bless others with sweet memories and moments of the people and things that they love!

I live in Barrie, Ontario and enjoy driving to many of our surrounding areas to photograph the people and places around our end of the province. 

I think that everyone deserves to have photos of the things and people that they love, and you shouldn't have to wait for an event or occasion to have sweet pictures done! Make excuses to have photos - life's too short to wait!

I love families, couples, animals, and love :) Take a look at some of my projects and see if you can make an "excuse" to meet with me and get some snapshots of your life!



Life's too short to wait for occasions - make an excuse to capture memories!

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